608 Franklin Street
Our second location, from 1990-2004
602 Franklin Street
Our location from 2004-2013
627 Franklin Street
Our current location from 2013

Statement of Purpose

The Work of Our Hands is a nonprofit retail outlet, supported by volunteers, which markets handicrafts made by poor artisans in developing countries and parts of the United States. Purchasing products through Fair Trade Organizations (FTOs) assures that the artisans receive a fair price for their products.

The Work of Our Hands is an ecumenical Christian mission. It links individuals from various churches and backgrounds within the Pella area in a common concern for the world’s poor. It relies on FTOs working with economically disadvantaged people; helping the poor and hungry support themselves. People of many nations join together in an active venture of love and hope.

The Work of Our Hands is an educational mission. It provides information to volunteers, customers, and the community about the economically disadvantaged artisans and the conditions under which they work and live.