Add summer fun with Buena Onda Games

In 2005, when nine-year-old Savanna crocheted a trivet for her third-grade school project, she made a mistake. She created too many drop stitches on the outer rim, forming a small circular lip.

One night a family friend picked it up and tossed it at Savanna’s dad, Patrick. It floated across the room and landed softly in Patrick’s hand. They played catch with it for an hour.

They saw its commercial potential. Since it reminded them of a flattened hacky sack, they searched until they discovered that hacky sacks originated among the Mayan people in Guatemala. 

They shipped simple sample disks to these producer groups, and were amazed by the creative designs that the Mayan craftspeople sent back. With that, Buena Onda (meaning “good vibes” in Spanish) was born.

Buena Onda was built on a commitment to fair and ethical trade and is committed to assisting the Mayan people of Guatemala with improving their lives.

Today, the Buena Onda crocheted product line includes not only the flying discs, but footballs, bocce balls, and yes, even hacky sacks. As soft and lightweight toys, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each of these products is available at The Work of Our Hands store and online on our website. Also in our store is a video showing the toys being used in a variety of games.

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