Colorful glass tulip collection made from recycled glass

Tulip Wavy Glass

We are featuring the beautiful Pampeana fused-glass tulip items for Pella’s annual Tulip Time. These items are handmade in Ecuador by two glass artists who have been creating with recycled glass since 2007. Each item is individually hand painted with water-based paint.

Included in the collection are both a rectangular and a square dish, a nightlight, a glass ornament, and a piece of waved glass home décor. The dishes can hold soaps, candies, sauce, or jewelry. They can even be used as an attractive spoon rest. The waved glass home décor looks great standing on a table, desk, or mantle. 

Like all WOOH merchandise, the glass tulip collection conforms to fair-trade standards for labor, environmentalism, and social policy. Fair-trade purchases allow people with few economic resources to move from economic vulnerability to self-sufficiency. Artisans play a role in the design and development of  their products, and they become stakeholders in the sales and trade organizations.

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