Introducing Awamaki 100% Alpaca Wool Knitwear

 Just in time for the fall season, new varieties of caps, berets, headbands, and gloves are now available at The Work of Our Hands. They are provided for us by Awamaki, a nongovernmental
organization headed by Kennedy Leaves, an American who is passionate about Latin America and empowering women.
     Since 2009, Awamaki’s leaders have worked with Peru’s indigenous Quechua people, building entrepreneur opportunities for underprivileged women. Awamaki works in deep collaboration with  Andean artisans to support the creation and growth of women-led cooperatives dedicated to the craft of Quechua textiles.
     Until recently, the Quechuan villages did not have access to roads, telephones, or schools.
     However, in the last 30 years new roads and schools have begun to make schools, food markets, and opportunities to earn money more accessible.
     With the arrival of roads, markets and tourists, Quechua people and women are beginning to navigate the modern economy and make a place for themselves and their culture.
     Quechuan women use their ancestral crafts; they spin, weave, knit, and sew the textiles they produce. Awakami offers them markets and training in quality control, product development, and improving their technical skills. It walks alongside them to create designs that draw on traditional motifs while layering contemporary style.
     Stop in or go online to see more of their handcrafted products. We think you will love them.

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