The Work of Our Hands resumes making donations

After a several-year break due to an unpredictable economy, The Work of Our Hands is excited to be able to  resume making donations to local and global causes that fit with our mission, vision, and values. In April, our Board of Directors decided to provide a generous donation to Pella’s Freedom House and to Haiti’s Papillon Marketplace.

As a nonprofit organization, The Work of Our Hands uses its profits to assist other worthy organizations. The board suspended donations during several low-profit and COVID years and has resumed making donations after sales rebounded for a record year in 2021.

The Work of Our Hands donated $500 to Pella’s Freedom House, a refuge for young women who have been exploited. Freedom House defines its mission as “to provide holistic restoration and freedom in Christ.” The average age for girls to be exploited by trafficking is 12-14 years, and about 50,000 women and girls in the United States are trafficked each year.  

We also donated $11,000 to Papillon Marketplace for the purchase of a kiln and a motorcycle. Papillon provides jobs for Haitian parents so they can afford to care for their children instead of placing them in orphanages. The kiln will be used to fire Papillon pottery. The motorcycle will be used to transport production supplies to the Papillon workplace. On the rough Haitian roads, a motorcycle is more effective transportation than a full-size vehicle.

In previous years, The Work of Our Hands’ local donation recipients have included Mobility Worldwide, Safe Water International Ministries, Crossroads, A Call to Serve Ministries, and Pathways of Pella.  Nonprofit organizations in Cambodia and Cameroon have also been recipients. We thank you for purchasing from our store so we can continue to give back to our community and worthy causes around the world.

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