Dorm Room Collection


      Are you heading off to college this fall? Do you have a child or grandchild who is? Stop in at The Work of Our Hands for unique dorm room decor or for back-to-school items.

      Items from The Work of Our Hands are especially suited to the trending Bohemian Chic style which has quadrupled in popularity since 2017.

         Plants and flowers, macrame wall hangings, and handmade objects from around the world are all part of Boho Chic. We stock fabric and felt flowers, planters, and wall hangings. And our inventory, all handmade, comes from 40+ different countries around the globe.

         Boho Chic mixes subdued tones with bright splashes of color. Our whitewashed planters, dream catcher hangings, and woven baskets offer subdued tones. Our sari waste baskets and flowers provide bright splashes of color. So do our up-cycled sari Kantha throws, felt-ball garlands, and flower garlands.

         For student personal use, we offer smartphone and iPad stands, backpacks, and journals. We also have colorful bowl cozies to protect student hands when removing a bowl of soup from the dorm microwave.

      27 products

      27 products