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Experience the benefits of sound therapy with this hand-hammered singing bowl, crafted by experienced Nepalese artisans. The Kathmandu bowl comes with a Dhaka cushion and asna striker, all presented in a traditional lokta paper gift bag. Used for centuries in meditation, the bowl is sure to help you achieve deep relaxation.

  • Material: brass bowl, cushion, asna wood striker
  • Measurements:  Bowl: 4.5"D (top) x 2.5"T, Striker: 5"L
  • Includes brass bowl, cushion, and wood striker in a handmade paper gift bag
  • Handmade in Nepal

Hand hammered by Nepal artisans from remote and mountainous areas whose knowledge of their craft is vast and generational. About 85 percent are women who use their traditional craft skills, working from their homes. In addition to wages, artisans receive medical and education allowances, paid leave and maternity leave.

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